5 reasons why AWS is the best option for small and medium size businesses

Amazon Web Services – AWS has been guarding its ground of providing a cross functional, resource rich cloud platform to businesses around the world since 2006. It has run a taut ship in the industry, revamping the IT infrastructure of not only huge, but small and medium size businesses as well. AWS, being the market dominant, has provided numerous benefits to SMBs offering low cost, on-demand IT solutions to help businesses launch their applications quickly with minimum costs. Let’s highlight the reasons why AWS has proved to be the better bet for small and medium sized businesses.

1- Cost Effectiveness and Superior Pricing Models

AWS offers adaptive pricing structure that allows businesses to penny pinch big time. It only charges for the resources used and therefore small businesses are able to eliminate hardware and infrastructure costs. Moreover, it also takes care of physical security, space, insurance and proceeding power costs.
AWS provides multiple pricing strategies for businesses to plump for the one which is best suitable for their business needs. For instance, AWS offers flexible pricing model for its compute service EC2, which provides flexible scalability compute capacity in the cloud. Depending upon the light, medium or heavy utilization, businesses can invest in guaranteed reserved capacity and pay a low up-front fees to earn a discounted hourly rate. To go up a notch, AWS offers Spot instances which lets businesses bid their own price for Amazon EC2. The EC2 Spot Instance pricing plan and the On-Demand and Reserved pricing plan go hand in hand, by providing the most fruitful option for obtaining compute capacity, depending on the application.
The platform provides pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing the businesses to only pay for what resources they use, to build their minimal viable product, iterate and experiment at the lowest cost incurred. Moreover, AWS promotes businesses to save as they scale up. With their tiered pricing model for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), the more storage and data resources are utilized, the lesser it would get per unit. In addition, customers with unique requirements and high volume projects are provided with volume discounts and custom pricing.

2- Footloose commitments

AWS provides the biggest advantage of not binding the user into any contract or commitment, no matter which type of service they make use of. There is no specified fee charged to utilize any services provided by AWS. The user can discontinue the use of the service or the storage at any time without incurring any extra costs, since the server-based services are charged by the hour. This is especially good for businesses who want to experiment and on the basis of trial and error meanwhile figure out which services would be most suited to their business requirements and growing needs.

3- Simplicity and Flexibility in E-commerce

For businesses that are looking to solve their E-commerce and online sales concerns, AWS offers some pre-eminent solutions that have proven to be the bang for the buck. Besides site hosting, AWS provides order-processing integration for smooth and efficient financial transactions with no human interaction or support. Consumer’s chosen system is connected to the Amazon Merchant Account technology which allows automatic import of orders. This in turn allows the business to update orders and consolidate that information into inventory tracking. Furthermore, AWS provides SDKs – Software Development Kits for platforms including PHP, Java, and Ruby lets small businesses to make the cute by having the flexibility and agility to fulfill customer requirements.

4- Unmatched Security

Small businesses are often reluctant to adapt cloud services as they imagine it to be a hard pill to swallow. Security is rightfully so, one of the biggest concerns, which is only a copper-bottom for AWS. It provides a robust security, which is continuously on the watch and is strictly maintained. It also renders the option of a built in firewall which makes specific access to the data of the business, away from the public. AWS also provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) that helps the business securely control access to AWS resources. It allows the user to control who is signed in and has the permission to use the resources.

5- Customization and Full of Features.

AWS provides the freedom to choose the operating system, database, programming language and other assets of user’s choice. Additionally, AWS caters to customer-defined tagging which lets users to easily manage and monitor resources. There is virtually no limit to the utilization of customizable AWS tags.
AWS offers S3, which provides immense scalability for file sharing. For AWS, sending mass transactional emails is money for old rope. Amazon’s SES – Simple Email Service, can knock down your business’s mass transactional email chore without a hitch. In addition to this, AWS also provides a Content Delivery Network – CDN with CloudFront.
Ultimately, AWS for small businesses is a fully featured budget-friendly solution, which not only is extremely adaptive, scalable and agile, but is also secure. It is one of the easiest and efficient applications hosting, having minimal hassle. Tech savvy small business owners who are looking for convenience and competency in terms of growing their business should definitely invest in AWS for their business.


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